This is one of the worst casino’s

This is one of the worst casino’s i have played at! It is supposably a “clasiic”, “going to stick around for a while”, casino. But although I have gotten my cashouts each time, they say 5-7 business days, AFTER the 7 days has come and gone I contact customer support via liveperson (this is one of the good features) most of the time i end up waiting for 20 minutes after i type in my question to even get an acknolegde that i am even there, then they always follow with “let me check your account” which aperently their computers are from the 1950’s because it takes them half an hour to access my account, then they almostalways reply with “your withdrawl will be processed by the end of the business day today, for sure”. well i do wait the day, then the next day (99% of the time wasnt processed) i contact them back. i wait the same 20 mins before they know I’m alive,, the same half hour to access my account, and then get the responce “your withdrawl will be processed b!y the end of the business day today, for sure”!!!! by the 3rd day i usually phone their 800# and when i talk to someone the usually say
“please contact us in a couple hours via liveperson”. Well i’m not gonna repeat it again but your know what happens when i contact them in a couple hours. By the 4th or 5th day SUPRIZE…… it gets processed. Then i have to wait 24-48 hours for the funds to get to my online account 🙁 . Since i started playing here I have cashed out a total of about 50 times, the first 5 or so went smoothly, but after that, there wasnt a single one that was processed on time.